Full-service payroll

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in Germany and worldwide for foreign employers

Payroll Service Germany

Full-service payroll and human resources solution in Germany for foreign employers

payroll service germany specializes in providing solutions to small and medium sized individual and multinational companies and organisations with employees throughout Germany.

Organising payroll in a foreign country can be costly, time-consuming and can expose you to compliance failures. payroll service germany specializes in providing a full-service payroll and human resources solution in Germany for foreign employers.
Foreign companies, employing staff in Germany, need to comply with German legislation and are obliged to pay taxes and social security contributions in Germany for their staff, even if they have no local office in Germany and operate from their home country.



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  • 10/04/2024
    Rules for electric vehicles

    From 1 January 2024, the following rules will apply to electric vehicles in accordance with Section 6 (1) of the draft Income Tax Act:


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  • 14/03/2024
    Changes in tax calculation

    The yearly income not subject to tax increases per adult from 10,908 EUR in 2023 to 11,604 EUR in 2024 and per child from 6,024 EUR in 2023 to 6,384 EUR in 2024. 

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  • 05/03/2024
    Changes in laws and regulations in the German social security system from 2024

    The contribution assessment ceiling for the calculation of pension and unemployment contributions will be in West-Germany 90,600 EUR per year (87,600 in 2023). In East-Germany, this ceiling increases to 89,400 EUR (85,200 in 2023). The social security ceiling for the calculation of health and nursing contributions increases to 62,100 EUR per year in 2024 (59,850 in 2023).  

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Claudia Bosenius


Expert in International Mobility in Germany, France, China, The Emirates, United States, United Kingdom and others founded her consulting business in 1995. The client’s requirements for payroll management throughout the world became more important.

She is responsible for the management of the company, but also for international mobility consultancy including remuneration with tax and social security.

During 4 years Claudia Bosenius was employed in Paris as International Mobility Manager within the former French-British group GEC ALSTHOM with approximately 80.000 employees in the whole world. Her responsibilities at the Head Office Human Resources were the implementation of an international mobility policy and the guidance of the group personnel directors in international mobility matters.

After a 2 years professional education at Hapag Lloyd Reisebüro GmbH followed by 4 years studies at the Economic School of Munich, Claudia Bosenius worked during 5 years in the Personnel and Social Affairs department of the Deutsches Reisebüro GmbH in Frankfurt with approximately 1,400 employees.

Payroll managers

Stefanie Lehr

Started working for payroll service germany GmbH in 2012 and now concentrates on German and European payroll (UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy and The Netherlands).
In 1990 she finished a professional training course as trilingual secretary. Her first professional steps were in London where she worked as junior secretary / receptionist for MAN GHH Great Britain

Claire Amarger

Claire Amarger started working for payroll service germany GmbH in 2012 and concentrates on the French payroll.

After having studied German in Paris and teaching in Colmar, she first worked as a teacher. She settled in Germany in 2000 and took the chance to study IFS / Specialization Law, Political Economy and Business Management at the Freiburg University.

Sonja Wotrel

Sonja Wotrel began to work for payroll service germany in october 2016 as a part-time-employee. Together with Stefanie Lehr she is caring for the European payroll and company car accounting.

Sonja studied sports and tourism management and had been working for several companies as clerk in the staff department.

System and website administrator

Herbert Schwarz

Herbert Schwarz joined our team in September 2017 as a part-time employee. He cares for our computer system and software applications.

Originally he studied Agronomy in Stuttgart-Hohenheim (Germany), then became science teacher (biology, agronomy) after passing the 2nd state exam. Since 25 years he is working as a teacher in biology, chemistry and agronomy. He became headmaster of a small private secondary school 2 years ago. As there is time left over and because he likes to work on the computer he joined our team.