Rules for electric vehicles

From 1 January 2024, the following rules will apply to electric vehicles in accordance with Section 6 (1) of the draft Income Tax Act:


List price regulation for electric and hybrid vehicles:

  • In the case of the 1% rule for the private use of a company car that has no CO₂ emissions (pure electric vehicles), only 1/4 of the tax base (gross list price) is applied.
  • Previously, this only applied if the gross list price of the vehicle did not exceed EUR 60,000.
    From 31 December 2023,  the maximum amount for vehicles purchased after that date will be increased to EUR 70,000.
  • This regulation also applies to the provision of a company motor vehicle to employees.
  • If the gross list price of an electric vehicle is above this price limit or if it is an externally chargeable electric hybrid vehicle, halving the tax base may be considered.
  • Hybrid vehicles are only eligible for funding if they meet certain requirements.
  • The alternative range limit for hybrid vehicles will also be retained.
  • The relevant values, depending on the year of purchase of the vehicle, are as follows:
    • Electric vehicles:
      • From 2019: 0.25% (at gross list price <= 60,000 EUR, no specifications)
      • From 2024: 0.25% (at gross list price <= EUR 70,000)
    • Hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles exceeding the price limit: